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Sam Bull PacsSam Kolb

I grew up on a Salmon Hatchery when I was a kid and consequently had hunting, fishing and trapping at my fingertips most of my life. I would chase big ‘ole fat cutthroat all summer long, then transition into jump shooting ducks along Soos Creek shortly after school got going each year. I would take a window seat on the bus ride home and make a mental note of where the greenheads were grouped up for their afternoon nap. I would bust in the front door, throw my books in the corner, jump in a set of waders, grab the old shotgun and head off down the creek to jump shoot ducks til dark. As hunting season wound down, I would transition into trapping. Soos Creek offered ample opportunity for catching beaver, raccoon, mink and muskrat… and my sister’s housecat… bad kitty! It was a super cool opportunity for a kid that loved the outdoors and some of the best memories of my life!

After high school, I headed to WSU where I received a B.S. in Wildlife Biology. Shortly after graduating, I married a sweet young thing, Melissa, who also enjoys the outdoors and we moved to SW Washington; me to chase a career in wildlife management and her in nursing. Our love for the outdoors continued, but our focus became big game hunting.

Melissa Bull PacsMelissa Kolb

My outdoor life began as a teenager when I met Sam. As I grew to know him during our dating years, it became clear to me, you either join in the fun or get left behind! And I was always game for a new adventure. I learned to scout, hunt, harvest and cook deer in our early years. Then I was introduced to elk and that was a game changer for me. I now prefer to hunt and eat elk almost exclusively! Although, a recent 5X5 whitetail buck I tagged, did bring back the many fond memories of my early hunting days.

I love hunting the eastside of Washington state, as opposed to the rainy, thick underbrush hunting of western Washington, but I do hunt either. I can hike all day, but when it comes to shooting, I am way too impatient to hunt any other method than rifle! I primarily view myself as a “meat hunter” since a trophy rack is not what drives me. However, I do love a big beautiful rack and a great story to tell! And have been known to, “go big or go home”…I unfortunately went home that year! When it comes to packing meat out, I hate to make 2 trips, so I have Sam load my Bull Pac, help me get upright and don’t stop or take it off until I’m back at the truck!

I balance a part-time career in nursing, the exciting adventure of Bull Pacs, two teenage daughters and their 5 sports schedules between the two of them, with a husband who loves the thrill of the next big hunt or salmon fishing trip! It’s been fun to watch Sam mold our girls into outdoor enthusiasts, making their trips all about them, at their level and giving them all they need to succeed in their adventure.   I know through the ups and downs of our lives, we have always been blessed by God & do our best to share His blessings with those around us.

Samantha & Amber Bull PackSamantha & Amber Kolb

Our two daughters, Samantha and Amber both passed Hunter Education at the age of 7. They both harvested their first deer at 8 years old. By the time they had both turned 13, they had collectively harvested 6 deer, 2 elk, 3 antelope, 1 moose and 1 bear… they were hooked! As cool as it is to get a 190” buck or a 370” bull, it pales in comparison to watching your son or daughter take their first animal! And each season seems to be just as exciting as their first!

How We Came to Love Bull Pacs

We’ve always had a passion for good, solid hunting gear. When I first layed eyes on the Bull Pacs, the solid design and workmanship definitely stood out. Once I tried it on, I loved the way it fit and was convinced it could comfortably handle any load I was able to shoulder… I couldn’t wait til the next season to try it out with a load of elk meat! That was 14 years ago and I have packed thousands of pounds of game on my original Bull Pac, with very few signs of wear and tear. I was actually surprised at just how tough and comfortable Bull Pacs really were, whether packing out elk quarters or just hiking the backcountry in pursuit of the next big adventure!

Bull-Pacs-Pack-We-LoveIn 2014 our family began to think about owning and operating a small business.   Prior to the Portland Sportsman’s Show, Sam & I planned on attending, he got online to make sure Bull Pacs was going to be present as he wanted to purchase an additional pack for the family now that our little girls were big enough to start shouldering their own loads of meat.

We saw that after 15 plus years, Janice was retiring and looking to sell Bull Pacs… and the wheels started turning! We sat with Janice for 3 days at that show, then our family made multiple trips to Lewiston, Idaho to get to know the business. Our family spent many days learning how to manufacture and produce these quality packs. And in late June, we finally brought Bull Pacs home to Vancouver, Washington.

We are excited to continue the Bull Pac legacy, built on quality, durability and personal customer service that Bull Pacs has provided to the outdoor community for years. While we love the Bull Pac, we are also working on a number of accessories and other innovative adaptions that will make your Bull Pac useful in a number of different applications. Feel free to follow us as we grow and develop into the future and thank you all so much for your support!

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